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    1. Ball Bearing
      Roller Bearings
      Precision Machine Tool Bearings
      Liner Bearings
      Automotive Bearings
      Water Pump Bearings
      Insert Bearing Units
      Forklift Bearings
      One Way Clutch Bearings
      Plain Bearings and Rod Ends
      Unground and pressed Steel Bearings
      Track Rollers Bearings
      Universal Joints
      Metal Stamping
      Transport Parts
      Auto Parts
      Investment Casting
      Sand Casting

      DHK has built up sufficient quality system, proved and accredited according to
      ISO 9001 Standards.

      quality policy :
      Quality is the original source for company developing
      Customer is the first basis for company to be living

      quality goal :
      1.Supply our customer with high quality, economic, suitable products and
      professional, exact, prompt, complete service.
      2Guarantee 100% in time delivery and 100% qualified products.

      For to carry through ISO9000 standards, achieve our quality goal, and execute
      our quality policy we do following real steps:

      1.Run ISO9001 standards within whole group;
      2.Grade our partners regularly and only do real business with proved partners;
      3.Continuel to train our staffs to be more proffessional and full knowledge in their position
      4.Continuely to develop our quality center;
      5.Continuely to improve in quality, price and service.


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