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    1. Ball Bearing
      Roller Bearings
      Precision Machine Tool Bearings
      Liner Bearings
      Automotive Bearings
      Water Pump Bearings
      Insert Bearing Units
      Forklift Bearings
      One Way Clutch Bearings
      Plain Bearings and Rod Ends
      Unground and pressed Steel Bearings
      Track Rollers Bearings
      Universal Joints
      Metal Stamping
      Transport Parts
      Auto Parts
      Investment Casting
      Sand Casting

      China DHK Group was established in 2001. We are ISO-9001 certificated company. We focus stable high quality and professional service as well as reasonable price. Supported by our very strong & professional engineering team and good equipped quality research center, we are the right company to supply our customers with very stable high quality products, fasteners, stainless steel fasteners and professional service. Also we are no problem to fully understand and develop custom requirement. We control our production, fasteners, stainless steel fasteners and quality process according to ISO standard and also no problem to follow PPAP III. We always submit samples according to ISIR. We are exportng more than 70% of our products, fasteners, stainless steel fasteners to both Europe and USA, some of them go for OEM customers like GE, GM, Ford, etc.
      More than 300 kinds of standard metric and inch bolts, screws, nuts, and washers. Grade 5.8, 8.8...
      UNI EN 24014
      UNI EN 28765
      UNI EN 24017
      UNI EN 28676
      UNC UNF
      UNI EN 24016
      DIN 7990
      UNI EN 24018
      UNI 5712 DIN 6914 ~ISO 7412
      DIN 6921
      fasteners, stainless steel fasteners
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